Eduplan GUI

Eduplan GUI is an HTML, CSS, and JS framework developed and used by Eduix Oy. It is based on Twitters amazing Bootstrap Framework (v3). Also included is the icon library Font Awesome.

Select MENU to see component and view examples.

Some basic things to remember:

  • Current version branch is 2.0. The latest version is always updated here.
  • Basic principle is that there are listing/search layouts, that lead to single item view layout. Editing is done in modals and after saving the changes, the user is returned to the view/listing layout.
  • Always use a container with a class "e". This is usually done in Liferay by giving the portlet the "e" class from the portlet-settings.
  • Always consult Eduix Oy when using Eduplan GUI in production/live environments. When Eduplan GUI is used in Liferay, it is included in the Desktops-theme. The theme also provides the main header and navigation.

Get started!

Minimum set

Download Basic HTML template